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Little steps

November 29, 2013

This coming week, I will reach a milestone in my adventure to move to Washington State.  My wife agreed that we should list our house in California for sale.  So, beginning Monday, our current house will be on the market.  We also decided to take another trip to Washington at the end of next week.  I have a list of about 12 houses to look at.  I’m not holding my breath that any one of these will be acceptable to my wife.  As the title of this post describes, we’ll get there with little steps.

The timing of the listing of our house and our trip to Washington may see a little odd to some, considering that it is in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This is a time when I would think there would be little activity in the real estate markets.  We are finding out that is not the case.  Houses are continuing to sell in our current home market and we are seeing houses sell in Washington as well.  Since my wife specified that she would not move before the first of the year, listing the house in the first week of December gets us past that target date, as long as we have an escrow that does not close before mid-January.

For sometime, I’ve wanted to have our house on the market so that we could act on a new home in a timely manner.  We are still at a disadvantage by living more than 800 miles from our new community.  When new houses come on the market, we have a lag of 2 to 3 weeks before we can act.  If the house is a good one, it is likely we’d lose out to someone more local.  If we get an acceptable offer on our current house, we can still move to Washington, even though we have not found our new house.  In this situation, we will find a house to rent in the short-term and continue our search for a permanent home.  I’m not crazy about the idea of moving twice.  I will just have to play the cards that I’m dealt.

For each of our trips to Washington, I have watched the weather forecasts to learn what the weather might be like during our visit.  This next trip will give us more experience with Pacific Northwest winters.  Our trip is still more than a week away and the weather forecast is for very cold weather and the possibility of some snow.  As soon as I saw that the weather might be a little snowy, I went to the car rental web site and changed my selection from a full-sized sedan to an SUV.  At least we may be able to experience a little bit of a white pre-Christmas, something that is very rare at our current home.

Time to break out the winter coat and snow boots.

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